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Enhance My Restaurant Business with Self-Service Kiosks

January 26, 2022

20% of consumers spend more when they use self-service kiosks! Select your most enticing food and drink photos and your customers will be able to easily make decisions from the intuitive interface of your self-service kiosk.

With a self-ordering kiosk, customers can browse your menu, place orders and pay with ease. Customers can dine-in or take away, pay cash or swipe their cards. This allows the business to provide contactless and frictionless service. We offer different models of self-service kiosk systems: countertop, freestanding, and styles customized to your needs.

Enhance My Restaurant Business with Self-Service Kiosks

Basic Steps

Setup in 5 simple steps.

1. Setup

Simply provide RCSTARS with your assets, including your menu, images, logo and color scheme, and we can customize your kiosk to your brand.

2. Customization

You can control a variety of settings from button colors to backgrounds. You can choose to consult with a Customer Success Engineer to learn about each option to fine tune your kiosk.

3. Training

You'll learn everything you need to know about updating your menu so you don't have to wait to run your own promotions. We will provide you with training on menu management, image replacement, and promotional coupons.

4. Installation

You can attach self-order kiosks to benches, walls or floors. Having multiple options means you can plan the layout to drive traffic to your store.

5. Go live

When you launch, we're ready to serve you. Engineers will be able to ensure that everything is set up and running as required. They'll make sure your system meets our successful launch checklist and celebrate the win with you!

Enhance My Restaurant Business with Self-Service Kiosks

21.5"Horizontal touch query all-in-one machine

Our Services

By enabling self-service, you can minimize ordering errors, save money, and create a more efficient workspace. Some of the services we can offer you are:

Android or Windows systems

Custom branding and appearance

Multiple payment options

Customize your meal

Promotional events

Upsell products

Multiple language options

Dine-in and take-out

Our self-service ordering system allows customers to modify their orders based on their dietary preferences ...... even for those who don't want garlic on their date! Customers can get exactly what they want.

Enhance My Restaurant Business with Self-Service Kiosks