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With more andmore outdoor LCD Display applications in the marketplace, the readability & sustainability of the LCD Panel under direct sunlight is becoming more vital. But there are several obstacles to overcoming order to provide a good LCDdisplay solution under direct sunlight, such as the overheat issue, water-proof issue, readability issue, and the sustainability issue. Rcstars hascontinually been developing a sunlight readable LCD Display solution. The company offers a full range of high brightness / sunlight readable LCD display solutions to meet consumer demand.


TransflectiveLCD Technology can be applied to certain selected regular TFT LCD to introduce the LCD with a reflective function. With the imposed reflective function, themodified LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD Cell and utilize thereflected light beams as its illumination. The stronger and ambient light is,the brighter the LCD will appear. As as result, the modified LCD is Viewableunder sunlight.

Sunlight Readable

Sunlight Readable

Regular LCD is difficult to read under strong amblet light.

With suffcient reflective illuminations LCD becomes readable everywhere.

The high brightness outdoor displays with 2000nits, maintains high picture quality and image readability in an outdoor environments.

Smart Fans for Cooling

Self-cooling solution, equips this display to handle a wide operating temperature range, from 0℃-35℃.

Auto Brightness Sensor

Screen brightness is automatically adjusted by its surrounding illumination level.

Touch Options

Rcstars LCD Monitor could be with touch function, namely resistive, touch, Infrared Touch and capactive options.

Close-Frame/Open Frame Type Options

Rcstars could provide OEM/ODM service, so monitor could be with close frame and open frame different design

Colour Options

Welcome different colors for the metal case.

Brightness Options

Depending on different application environment, Rcstars monitor could be with different brightness, such as 500nits/1000nits/1500nits/2000nits /2500nits/3000nits/5000nits.