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We have two types of hand sanitizer dispensers, one is a wall-mounted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser; the other is a floor stand type hand sanitizer dispenser. Both feature easy installation and the metal housing makes them durable. Choose the smart hand sanitizer dispenser that's right for you based on your needs.

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What is automatic hand sanitizer?

During the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, everyone pays more attention to disinfection and sterilization to keep our health, hands will often touch various items, to do to our hands clean and disinfection need our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, it uses a face recognition camera, can be used for the daily punch card of employees. It is suitable for offices, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls and other places, it will be installed in the right place, can automatically recognize faces while distributing hand sanitizer to everyone and without contact, which avoids the spread of bacteria and viruses; in addition, the automatic sanitizer dispenser we offer is equipped with a precise infrared sensor, which is very suitable for use in places with a lot of foot traffic and can detect the temperature of the human body and send out an alarm once someone's body temperature is too high.

Compared to manual hand sanitizer dispensers, smart automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are smarter and safer, avoid cross-contamination, measure temperature and dispense hand sanitizer at the same time, making them ideal for most businesses.

Here are some technical support questions about our products that we hope will help you.

Are you looking for the right smart auto hand sanitizer, welcome to choose us, our hand sanitizer dispensers can help you fight germs and protect employees and partners from viruses. The price of automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is cheap and you can also get the best price during the epidemic.