Stretch Lcd Display

Rcstars are specialists in Stretch Lcd Display with solutions 

in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios.

High brightness sunlight readable options are available and touch 

overlay can be integrated into an interactive solution.

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The Application of Stretch LCD Display

The Stretch LCD Display is an attractive shelf edge LCD that is ideal for a variety of in-store and shelf digital signage applications, 

such as retail shelf edge pricing, retail shelf edge advertising, and multi-shelf digital signage in supermarkets, grocery stores, 

liquor stores, clothing stores, and other retail applications.

This smart stretch lcd display system is an end-to-end digital retail TFT shelf edge display solution ideal for retail POS applications, 

which can transform your store into a modern retail enterprise and enhance the customer's shopping experience.

Retail shelf edge pricing

Retail shelf edge advertising

Multiple digital signs

Do You Want to Order the Best Stretch LCD Display?

Our  Stretch LCD Display offer wide aspect ratio, up to 16:1 wide, ranging in size from 6 "to 60". 

Large, ultra-wide displays are ideal for displaying panoramic content and capturing viewers' attention in advertising and digital signage applications. 

Smaller displays are commonly used in appliances, mobile devices, flight simulators and game consoles.

High brightness makes these displays suitable for outdoor applications where sunlight readability is necessary.

The most popular use of bar LCDS is in public transport displays, including route displays on trains, trams and buses, 

advertising displays at airports, bus stations and train stations, and in some cases they are mounted on top of taxis as mobile advertising space.

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