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Customize Your LCD Advertising display

Based onrich and long-term experience in digital signage industry, Rcstars could provide all kinds of ODM/OEM Service according to differ ent cus tomers requirements, from mechanical design to value-added features, such as sunlight re adable, motion sensor, touch screen, hot-key control func tions.

Mechanical design

To fulfll diversified requirements from various projects, there are millions of mounting types needed, Closed- frame, Open-frame, Wall-mount, Free -st anding, Kis....wth rich experience in digital signage industry, our rich product lines could reach bath standardor non- standard mounfing solutions.

Service commitment

Service commitment

1. Professional technology: independent research and development capability, efficient and stable production control procedures and product inspection.

2. Professional factory: workshop with mature equipment and scientific and perfect laboratory.

3. Professional products: with decades of experience, the product quality is strictly controlled.

4. Professional service: create suitable product functions for customers, activity follow up market feedback and intimate after-sales service.

Approaches to cooperation

Approaches to cooperation

1.OEM:Design and produce according to customer's specifications, and paste the designated brand name to sell.

2.ODM:Provide customers with all services from product research and development , design and manufacturing to later maintenance, and stick the customer's brand for sales.

Customized solution

Customized solution

1. Design the appearance and features of the agent products;

2. Agency product production and testing services;

3. Product delivery service;

4. Later maintenance service;

5. Agent packaging material processing service;

6. One-stop service;

7. Other services.

OEM/ODM Procedure

OEM/ODM Procedure

1.Identify requirements: Understand customer needs for the product and the cost of input.

2.Contract: Quotation,determine the product quantity,specifications,delivery time and other content.Prepay part of the payment,risk control,while signing a contract,to avoid disputes.

3.Shipment: confirm that the customer has paid and arrange shipment. Inform the customer of the receiving time and ask about the acceptance.

4.Tracking: actively follow up after-sales to achieve the purpose of continuous cooperation.