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  • 1. What is standalone LCD advertising player?

    A standalone LCDadvertising player is an LCD displays withan integral media player that holds the advertisements content files locally ona memory card. Just copy Video/music/pictures from PC into SD/CF Card, theninsert it into player, it will play the saved files automatically, no need anyother software and hardware.

  • 2. Where standalone LCD advertising players can be used?

  • 3. What size of LCD advertising players do you have?

  • 4. What functions does LCD Advertising Players have?

  • 5. What extendable functions does LCD Advertising Players have?

  • 6. What is the function of USB update?

  • 7. How does the Motion Sensor work?

  • 8. Can you upload our content to SD cards before shipment?

  • 9. Can you turn the screen on and off automatically?

  • 10. I don't see exactly what I need. Do you provide customization?