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Benefits of Self-service Ordering Systems for Restaurants

January 14, 2022

Self-service terminal ordering systems allow customers to easily and conveniently place contactless orders. Due to the growing demand for more secure and convenient automated ordering, self-service terminal systems have become very popular.

Who Uses

A kiosk ordering system consists of four basic components: the enclosure, the software, the display and the integration/components that allow it to handle a specific process. Self-service terminal ordering systems are designed to provide a convenient, easy-to-use option for customers who want to order food without the help of an employee. 

Restaurants: Food ordering kiosks offer fast casual and sit-down restaurants that give guests the option to order without the assistance of a server. Sit-down restaurants typically use handheld tablets to allow guests to order at their leisure

Quick Service/QSR: Fast casual restaurants use ordering kiosks that allow guests to order at the front of the restaurant prior to being seated. This can reduce wait times and provide faster service by sending orders directly to the kitchen.

Benefits of Self-service Ordering Systems for Restaurants

The Benefits 

Self-service terminal ordering systems offer a number of key benefits to restaurants, including

Lower overhead: By automating ordering, restaurants need fewer employees to assist customers.

Better/faster customer service: Automated ordering increases efficiency and frees up existing staff to handle more immediate customer issues, such as menu questions or other customer service issues.

Social distance: COVID-19 requires greater social distance. But as the pandemic fades, it's clear that keeping some of these automated, contactless experiences has become a desire for many in the interest of efficiency and security.

In short, self-service terminal ordering systems provide an incredible asset to the food industry. They have dramatically increased customer satisfaction and reduced overhead, while providing greater efficiency, productivity and a better user experience.

Benefits of Self-service Ordering Systems for Restaurants

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