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Welcome National Day

October 01, 2017

National Day anniversary is a feature of the modern nation-state, and is accompanied by the emergence of the modern nation-state and appear, and become particularly important.It became an independent country signs, reflecting the character and regime of the country.National Day this special commemorative way once become a new form of nationwide, festival, was carrying reflect the country and national cohesion function.At the same time, large-scale celebration on National Day, also is the government mobilization and the concrete manifestation of appeal.

New China in particular the anniversary of the People's Republic of China was formally established the National Day, so people all over the country will be celebrated on October 1, every year.On October 1, 2017 is the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Rcstars to celebrate the National Day will have a six-day holiday, 30th Aug to 5th Oct. During the National Day you be with your family all the best, to travel with the wind.