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Warm-hearted Tea, Reunion Moon

September 13, 2016

Mid-Autumn is a Chinese traditional festival, which contains the unique feeling of Chinese people. On that day, people express wishes to each others, families get together, enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes to celebrate the happy festival by all the most beautiful things.

In order to make all the employees in Rcstars experience the warmness of Rcstars big family, our company organized an activity called”Send Moon Cakes” to express tender feeling in the afternoon on 12th September, 2016. Accompanied by the moderator, Director of Sales on behalf of Rcstars leaders sent moon cakes to everyone. Moon cake is small, but it contains a deep sense of love. Love, filled with the feelings of a package of care, is more sincere to tell this friendship.

On Mid-Autumn day, everyone expresses their homesickness in their own ways with the moon becoming rounder and rounder. Even though we can not spend the holiday together with the one we miss, we still need to express our care to each other. We can make phone calls to our distant relatives to extend our Mid-Autumn wishes when we are free. Maybe, we should choose a satisfactory gift with our love to let our relatives and friends feel wishes from us and enjoy the sensation from the gift.

Rcstars is officially closed from 15th-16th September, 2016. And we are back to work on 17th September. Wish you a happy and wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.

Please accept our apology if any inconvenience happens during the holiday. We wish you a happy new year!