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What Can Airport and Train Station Self-service Kiosks Do

March 21, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for contactless interaction in almost all public places, and air travel is no exception. With personal safety being a top concern, more and more travelers are looking to use contactless interactions, such as kiosks. Today, we'll discuss some of the benefits of airport kiosks and how they can create a safer environment for employees and travelers alike.  


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Self-service kiosks?

Airport kiosks are kiosks that allow visitors to check in, print boarding passes, check baggage and request seat changes, essentially automating the most common tasks. Airport kiosks can also provide the same benefits as traditional kiosks, including increased brand awareness, wayfinding capabilities, news headlines and public health information. 

Key Functions

Railway station kiosks allow for the automation of many common air travel-related tasks while providing convenience to users and ultimately reducing the stress of airport staff. These kiosks include software that presents information in multiple languages, making them easy to use for most travelers.

Checking in

Long check-in lines can be one of the most stressful parts of air travel, especially when time is of the essence. Airport kiosks allow travelers to bypass the main check-in counters, giving them more time to get through security and get to their gate. 

What Can Airport and Train Station Self-service Kiosks Do

Print Boarding Passes

Kiosks allow travelers to print their boarding passes in advance, and some airports offer kiosks at the airport entrance. As with online check-in, it only requires a voucher such as a confirmation number or credit card used for booking, and then the kiosk will print out a physical boarding pass. This greatly speeds up the check-in process.

Updating same-day flights

If a traveler needs to update or change an existing flight due to a scheduling conflict, this can be done directly at the kiosk, even if a change fee is required.

What Can Airport and Train Station Self-service Kiosks Do

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Key benefits

Airport kiosks enable airports to operate more safely and efficiently by automating many common tasks.

Faster processes

The main benefit of self-service terminal systems is faster check-in for passengers. Airports receive a large number of passengers every day and it can be difficult for staff to handle them alone, especially during the busiest periods, such as holidays and summer. The self-service terminals speed up check-in and thus reduce queue times.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Kiosks are becoming increasingly common across industries and environments. This is because they provide users with the freedom to interact and purchase items without assistance. Simply by providing travelers with the opportunity to use airport kiosks, overall customer satisfaction with their travel experience can be greatly enhanced. 

What Can Airport and Train Station Self-service Kiosks Do

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Reduced Overhead

Train station Kiosks allow companies to operate with fewer employees on site, which ultimately reduces overhead costs. Kiosks can handle a variety of automated tasks, enabling employees to handle more complex challenges such as customer service. Ultimately, kiosks allow businesses to operate more efficiently in terms of financial and practical matters.


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the appeal of contactless interaction, especially in busy public environments. Airport kiosks help pacify passengers by limiting personal interaction with staff, while creating a safer environment for passengers and employees.

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What Can Airport and Train Station Self-service Kiosks Do