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Floorstanding LCD Advertising Screens For Impact

October 28, 2021

There are many suitable locations for a Floorstanding LCD Advertising Screen, particularly where the public pass by, like a bus station, shopping mall or sports stadium. These are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor locations, although there are differences in the models, such as waterproof screens, and thermostatically controlled heating/cooling for extreme variations in temperature. Once set at a suitable temperature, the LCD advertising screen will function without overheating or freezing in the excessive heat of the Arizona deserts to the frozen tundra of northern Canada.

A Floorstanding LCD Advertising screen can be fixed in place onto a concrete foundation using anti tamper bolts, which provide a base foundation, which the Floorstanding LCD advertising screen is positioned. When considering where to place the screen, thought must be given to the angle of the sun during the day, as the screen can be virtually useless in bright sunlight, however this can be overcome by having an anti-reflective screen fitted to the unit or a sheet of tinted screen film to cover the existing viewing window. This can be retro fitted, if it is found necessary, but it is much better to include one during the purchase of the LCD Advertising screen. The steel frame and external panels of a Floorstanding LCD advertising screen are robust – to a certain extent – where by the hardware is protected from moderate accidental damage, certainly unintentional damage, let’s not claim that it is so robust that for example a car hitting it, will leave no mark!

The content of a Floorstanding LCD advertising screen can be displayed at its best, as the visual quality of the screen is 1080p high definition, which really is of exceptional superiority. Advertisers are clambering to have access to display their clients’ advertisements on such pieces of innovative hardware. The content can be changed, updated or altered quickly and efficiently due to the accessible media player built within the enclosure. Alternatively the content can be downloaded via the internet, if the media player is networked. There are many other options to add-on to an LCD advertising screen, such as a touch screen - for way finding purposes, sound to add another element of the advertising campaign and blue tooth connectivity to pass on advertising or promotional codes to the public who pass with a Bluetooth enabled smart phone. This pioneering technology just gets better and better.