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Rcstars Android LCD Advertising Displays feature a 75x75/100 x 100/200x200/400x400mm VESA-mountable design that allows you to mount the display on a monitor stand or on a wall, depending on your specific needs. You can easily unscrew the base, and then mount the display on its new stand or wall mount.

AZ Android Network Display

AZ Android Network Display

a. Android 7.1/8.1/9.0 operating system optional

b. RK 3288 / RK 3399 optional

c. 2GB/4GB RAM (DDR3) optional

d. 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB flflash optional

e. 4G(optional)/WLAN/WiFi network connection

f. 802.11 B/G/N Internal WiFi

g. Portrait/landscape display mode

h. 1080P display output

i. Remote management software (CMS) optional

K Plug And Play Advertising Display

K Plug And Play Advertising Display

a. Support picture, music and video to 1080P

b. Support SD/HDMI/USB inputs

c. Support SD card plug and play automatically

d. USB update function: update documents by USB drive to SD card

e. Support connecting with media player box/PC by HDMI input

f. Playlist function: auto play the designated file at the specific date

g. Timer function: 5 groups timers to turn on/off at the designated time

h. Slideshow functions to play music and pictures at the same time

I. Portrait/landscape display mode

j. Scrolling text with different color and effect

LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

a. Professional design for 7-24 hours operation

b. DP/HDMI/VGA inputs c. Full HD resolution supported d. Support connecting with media player box/PC by HDMI input